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30th Mar 2018

Cutting lunch short at work? Here’s how many days you’re working for free

Think of the lost pay!

Anna O'Rourke

This will make you think twice about taking your full lunch break

We’re all guilty of it the odd time.

Whether you want to impress your boss or have too much to get through, everyone cuts their lunch short from time to time.

And while it can pay off to get some extra work done, the free time you’re losing could actually end up costing you.

A study in the UK has revealed that the average worker in the UK takes just 34 minutes for lunch out of an hour-long lunch break.

This means that many people lose 26 minutes of their own free time each day.

Refinery 29 has worked out that if you’re in the same boat, and are not paid through your lunch, you end up working 6,032 minutes for free each year.

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Believe it or not, if you work an eight-hour day, this works out at 12 working days throughout the year, or almost two and half weeks.

Two and a half weeks you’re slogging away for free – doubt you’d give up two and a half weeks’ of your holiday days to work if your boss asked you, so make sure you get away from your desk for as much time as you deserve today!