Crowdfunders raise £45,000 to improve drinking games 3 years ago

Crowdfunders raise £45,000 to improve drinking games

The days of ending house parties with beer-soaked floors could be over, thanks to an invention by a group of American pals.

Game after game of beer pong left Chase Treibt and his friends sick of sticky carpets and drinks that tasted of dirt, so they devised their own solution.

They have raised more than $70,000 (£45,000) on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for their patent-pending 'Slip Cup' creation, which makes their favourite drinking game much more hygienic.

The 'Slip Cup' slots into plastic drinks glasses so drinks are not contaminated by dirty ping pong balls, whilst leaving enough space to still hold a decent amount of beer underneath.

Treibt claims the invention improves beer pong thanks to an improvised catch mechanism that stops balls bouncing out. What's more, the device is perfectly centred so as to stop cups from overbalancing and falling onto the ground with beer still inside.

In addition to the product, he has also devised some new drinking games to complement the invention, such as Battlecups and Cupsweeper. These men have clearly spent their fair share of time at university house parties and they've been putting their expertise to good use.

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