A company is offering people £200 to sleep in a graveyard on Halloween 2 years ago

A company is offering people £200 to sleep in a graveyard on Halloween

For those of you who ain't afraid of no ghosts

Anyone who fancies living out an IRL version of Most Haunted this Halloween will be pleased to hear that a company is offering £200 to people to spend a night in a Worcestershire graveyard.

Five individuals are wanted to meet a paranormal investigator who will provide would-be overnighters with food and drink, though they will need to come prepared with their own camping gear.

In order to be handed the money by local service provider Bark.com, participants will need to spend a full night within the confines of the graveyard without leaving. They will also need "perform rituals throughout the night" and “engage” with the paranormal investigation.

Participants are free to leave at any time, but if you don't make it through the full night you will not be handed any money. You must also be willing to send in detailed background information regarding your childhood, family history and any tragedies that have occurred in your life.

Kai Feller, Bark.com co-founder, said: “Halloween is a strange time of year, and I’m not sure people are going to be jumping at the opportunity to spend it in a graveyard. We’re excited to see if anyone actually puts themselves forward for this.”

So, if you're too old for trick or treating and willing to overlook the moral implications of spending a night in a place where people's loved ones were laid to rest in aid of a PR stunt, then you can apply to participate here.