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04th Jan 2018

Church offering £100 to brides who actually show up to weddings on time

We've all been there...sat around for aaages, waiting for the diva bride to turn up

Jade Hayden

Fair enough, like.

How many times have we been to weddings where we show up to the church on time, take our seats on time, watch the groom and groomsmen arrive on time, and sit waiting for an age for things to actually kick off because the bride is absolutely not on time?

Too many times – that’s how many.

Now, we’ll be honest. The odd time everybody shows up when they’re supposed to show up and we all have a fantastic day.

But more often than not, the above does not happen and the guests, priest, and every single member of that 23-person choir is left waiting.

One church, however, have had an idea as to how they could combat this lateness.

…by offering brides £100 if they actually show up on time.


The Kent Messenger reports that vicar John Corbyn is giving brides a 10-minute window to arrive on their big day, and if they do so successfully, he’ll give them a cool hundred quid.

And we don’t really blame him either – marrying people is a tough gig and most members of the clergy tend to be quite old.

The last thing you want when you’re at work is to be sat around doing nothing so Jen from Tallaght can make her big entrance whenever she pleases.

And according to John, it’s not just him who’s annoyed either.

He said:

“I wanted to show that I was taking my staff seriously because they weren’t doing it for the money. I thought this is the way to do it.

“When you’re talking about a bride being 20 minutes late that’s half the time of the wedding ceremony.

“You can talk of up to two dozen people waiting for that time. How would they react if I were 20 minutes late?”

That’s fair enough John.