There is nothing wrong with putting your Christmas tree up in November this year 1 year ago

There is nothing wrong with putting your Christmas tree up in November this year

As I write this, it is exactly a month until Christmas. And there are already Christmas trees up everywhere

Not just in shops and pulic places. Any side street you walk down, at least a quarter of the front windows seem to have a Christmas tree in them. My neighbours have even got Christmas lights all over their garage and a big neon Santa out the front


This does seem exceptionally early. You don’t see normal people putting up stuff before December usually, just people in adverts and maybe the local eccentric.

When you are supposed to do it though is definitely up for debate, and it varies between different countries and cultures. When the tradition was first introduced to the UK from Germany during the Victorian era, they tended to be decorated on Christmas Eve. Some people now say it should go up on the start of Advent, others say twelve days before Christmas itself.

Anyway, my point is, there is no definitive answer. And no matter when you start these things, there will always people who will grumble and say it is too early. It is a very Big Divorced Dad Energy thing to moan about, between also moaning about TikTok and VAR.


But, as everyone is sick of hearing, 2020 has been an unprecedented year. We have all had a long, trying ten months or so. Time has lost all meaning, most of us are stuck inside and polite society has gone out the window.

So, you know what, there is nothing wrong with starting Christmas a bit early this year. The John Lewis advert is out, and Starbucks already have the eggnog lattes. So just go for it.

This winter is going to suuucckkk big time, even with a vaccine on the way. The Zoom quiz invites have already reared their ugly head again. There will be no Winter Wonderlands, Christmas Eve down the pub, or going to the Boxing Day away game. If we’re lucky we might get to spend January huddled around a heater in a damp pub garden.

So if getting in the festive spirit in November and putting the Christmas tree up early makes you feel better, then go for it, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. Stick up the tree this evening, and the tinsel and the lights.


Have mince pies for dinner every night. Blast Mariah Carey on a loop 24/7. Watch Die Hard five times this weekend. Select gift wrapping on everything you order from Amazon this month, even if it is just a spare USB charger. Eat an entire advent calendar every day.

Just make sure you take the Christmas tree down by the middle of January though. Having Christmas decorations still up after that is a proper serial killer look.