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22nd Dec 2016

18 ways Christmas in Australia knocks the stuffing out of Britain

Dashing through the bush, in a rusty Holden Ute, kicking up the dust, esky in the boot.

Rich Cooper

1. Needless to say, the Christmas weather in Australia is a little on the warmer side


Photo: @MarkA380

2. So obviously everyone immediately heads to the beach


Photo: Pexels

3. The heat doesn’t mean you can’t have a roaring fire and stockings though


Photo: @ashashelizabeth

Feel that LCD glow.

4. Some people have the traditional roast


Photo: @annie_chew

Well, a fucked-up Austarlian version of it, anyway.

5. But a lot of people prefer to have fresh seafood instead of turkey


Photo: @thegeekinasuit

6. Then there are those who want the purest Australian Christmas possible

Now that’s Australian.

7. The Christmas trees are quite different in Australia


Photo: Imgur

8. The decorations look a little different too


Photo: @megrayner

Gee, everything really is upside down in Australia.

9. Everyone gets into the Christmas spirit, none more so than this postman


Photo: Beatrice Matthews

This postie is famous in his hometown of Torquay for decorating his bike during the festive season, but Australia Post told him he had to take them off due to health and safety concerns.

10. In Australia, the elves wear singlets


Photo: @bigbradwolf

11. And Father Christmas wears shorts


Photo: @JackWLRoyle

12. They even have their own version of Jingle Bells down under

The first stanza goes like this: “Dashing through the bush, in a rusty Holden Ute (car). Kicking up the dust, esky (cooler) in the boot.”

13. Forget mulled wine, it’s all about cold brewskis on Christmas Day


Photo: @LesleyWeston11

14. Not to mention Champagne (and sunscreen, also v important)


Photo: @ACatAteMyTweets

15. The Boxing Day test match at the MCG is the big sporting event of the holiday season


Photo: @ShaneWebb16

No disappointing Boxing Day fixtures here. Looking at you, Premier League.

16. Backyard cricket is a pretty big deal at Christmas too


Photo: @dthegarty

17. They have a much more practical approach to decorations


Photo: @beneltham

18. But the most important thing about Christmas in Australia is that everyone gives a crap


Merry Christmas, Australia! May all your bums have a soft and absorbent Christmas.

Feature: @BillyJamesw / Imgur