CEO who raised all workers' wages to £50,000 forced to rent out his home 6 years ago

CEO who raised all workers' wages to £50,000 forced to rent out his home

It looks like the best boss in the world has fallen on some hard times.

Remember that cool CEO who raised all of his workers' wages to $70,000 and cut his own wages from $1m in order to increase productivity? Well despite his generosity, things don't seem to be going so well for Dan Price.


While workers were initially excited about the prospect, some weren't too pleased. Many customers saw the raise as a political statement and withdrew their business. Meanwhile, all of the media attention forced Price to hire more workers - and at an increased cost.

But more surprisingly, some of the harshest criticism came from within the company itself. Many senior people were upset that those with few skills and no ties to the company were now making similar amounts to what they had, with two major employees leaving over the dispute.

Between all of this and a legal battle with his brother, Price has been forced to rent out his own house in an attempt to make ends meet.

It's sad to see something that started out so positively turn sour so quickly, but maybe Price's story will attract more like-minded people to join the company.