Carling is officially the most sold lager in UK pubs 1 year ago

Carling is officially the most sold lager in UK pubs

Carling has reportedly been the most popular lager for years

Pubs have been closed for months due to the national lockdown, but it is not long before you can enjoy a cold pint in a beer garden.


It may take you by surprise that Carling has once again been voted the most popular lager in the UK.

The Morning Advertiser revealed that Carling has been the best-selling lager for some years, as shown by CGA data.

Fosters took the second spot, whilst Carlsberg was found to be the third most popular lager in the country, as reported by The Morning Advertiser.


Last year was particularly difficult for the hospitality industry due to the forced closures as a result of national lockdowns.

Around 6,358,309 hectolitres of lager were sold in pubs across the UK last year, which has fallen from the 10,144,183 hectolitres of lager sold in 2019, according to CGA figures.

Carling made up 1,722,739hl of the lager that was sold across the country in the year up to October 2020. This amount of lager brought in £989.5 million to UK pubs.

Around 1,023,530hl of Foster was sold across the country, whilst approximately 574,656hl of Carlsberg was sold in pubs.


The reopening of beer gardens across the country will be welcomed by many Brits, with several pubs booked up for weeks and months in advance.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was being interviewed by Sky News, jokingly told the reporter that he is booked in for the pub on 12 April, after being asked if he is booked in for a "badly needed" haircut.


At the time of publication just five days remain until you can have an outdoor pint. We're almost there.