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15th Oct 2015

Cantona subverts stereotype by posing naked for magazine with fully clothed wife (Pics)


Nooruddean Choudry

You’ve got to love Eric Cantona…

He is one of our ultimate heroes here at JOE. When he’s not condemning Michel Platini months before the rest of the world, he is vowing to take in refugees fleeing Syria.

Now the 49-year-old has posed with his wife Rachida Brakni on the cover of Elle magazine – completely stark b*llock naked.

In a subversion of the stereotypical template of a fully-clothed man posing with scantily-clad women – see NSFW images of Robin Thicke and Quentin Tarantino – Cantona is happy to reverse roles with his other half.

Actress Brakni is the one fully clothed, whilst her husband stands lovingly behind her with only careful positioning maintaining his modesty…

Although some may not appreciate an eyeful of Eric in the all-together, we admire his confidence and self-assurance. You can say may things about the man, but he’s clearly not insecure about his masculinity.

The Man United legend is also snapped with his missus grabbing his arse in the magazine’s feature on the couple. Again, it may not be to everyone’s tastes but as ever, Cantona is unafraid and unabashed.

Footballer. Social commentator. Actor. Feminist icon? There is only one Eric Cantona…