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30th Apr 2016

How “big” do you need to be to wear a large condom?

Tight fit? Try going up a size...

Richard Beech

The chances are that if you aren’t already using extra large condoms, you probably don’t need them.

But have you ever thought about how big your Action Jackson needs to be to actually warrant the use of a magnum condom?


It’s probably not as big as you thought.

According to condom manufacturers Trojan, their large Magnum condoms will fit a Sex Pistol of up to just over eight inches in length.

Here are the full measurements:

Length: 8.07 inches
Width: 2.13 inches
Head Width: 2.36 inches

These figures come courtesy of Men’s Fitness, who approached Trojan and asked them for the exact measurements.

So how does the average Lance of Love match up to the measurements of a Trojan condom?

Well, most of the available scientific research seems to point towards the fact that the average penis size is somewhere between five and six inches in length.

But it’s also about the width. The average width of an erect penis is around the 1.5 inch mark.

Interestingly, a medium-sized condom is slightly bigger than this.

A standard Durex condon has the following measurements:

Length: 7.5 inches
Width: 2.05 inches

So the difference isn’t *that* big. Most men can assume it’s best to stick with the standard-sized condoms though.