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09th Oct 2018

Brooklyn Beckham makes Instagram private after accusations of ‘racism’


Brooklyn Beckham faced a serious backlash after he posted two pictures to his Instagram

David Beckham’s son Brooklyn has come under fire after uploading two images to Instagram with captions that social media users have branded “racist.”

The 19-year-old shared two images to social media of a recent holiday in Venice, Italy, both of the pictures featured Asian tourists with the caption: “No place like Italy innit”.

People were quick to point out that Italy has a large population of Asian descent, with tourists coming to the country from across the world. Twitter users claimed the posts were “racist” and he was “insulting China”.

“Brooklyn Beckham is such a racist, he have (sic) to apologise to Asian people! he got no right to blame any tourists for visiting any country in this world!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Brooklyn Beckham’s gotta be ignorant AF if he thinks that’s not racist. So the Asian tourists were supposedly interfering with his true Venetian experience? Is he not a tourist himself though,” another added.

Like every other child of a celebrity, the 19-year-old works as a major model and fashion photographer. He has over 11.5 million followers on Instagram.

He also really, really loves his mum, even going as far to get a tattoo dedicated to Victoria Beckham to add to his ever-growing collection of body art.

Still, you can love your mum as much as you want, it’s still out of order to be posting problematic content to your Insta.