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14th Dec 2017

British people have been asked which part of the UK has the sexiest accent

Do you agree?


The folks at The Language Gallery have asked British people which UK accents they think are the sexiest.

The Northern Irish accent scored highly, but it doesn’t make such good reading for people from Birmingham.

The three least sexy sounding accents, according to the survey (via The Evening Standard) are:

  • Brummie (20% voted this to be the least sexy)
  • Scouse (18%)
  • Cockney (8%)

On the other end of the scale, the top three were:

  • Northern Irish (16%)
  • Welsh (10%)
  • Geordie (9%)

According to the survey, 30 percent of Brits surveyed reckon that the Yorkshire and Welsh accents sound the happiest, while 21 percent said that the Scouse accent sounds the happiest. The Southeast accent was deemed to sound the most intelligent by 15 percent of people surveyed, and 28 percent said that the Glaswegian accent sounds the angriest.