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21st Feb 2018

The KFC shortage has produced the most over-dramatic moment in recent TV history

Paul Moore

When chicken is life.

An earthquake hits the UK, you can now take dogs to the cinema, time travellers are a thing now – where else is 2018 going to take us?

The year might be only in its early stages but the recent shortage of chicken in KFC has left some people suspecting fowl play.

Rather than just wing it and go to another outlet, those that are feeling peckish have had their feathers ruffled by this recent shortage so they’ve hatched a plan – go on national TV and give the pluck out.

Hell, even the police have been called over this.

The Met said in a statement: ‘Call centres currently receive more than 14,500 calls every weekday. “The Met is continuing its drive – including the use of its social media channels – to reduce improper use of the 999 and 101 numbers.”

Anyways, one lady was so irate that she even asked for a free rice box after she made the journey to come down to KFC despite it closing its doors due to a shortage of chicken.

After being told that there’s no chicken, she defiantly said on the ITV News that she “‘had to go to Burger King.”

It’s the sheer tone of disgust, horror and outrage that really sells it. That look could kill the Colonel.

Plucking hell.

Take a look.

Naturally, people find this incredibly OTT reaction hilarious.