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03rd Apr 2015

Could you tackle this 3,816 calorie Easter breakfast?

Manchester, we love you...


The owner of Manchester’s Black Milk cafe has created a super-sugary Easter feast breakfast that looks like it could dissolve the teeth right out of your skull.

Challengers facing down this chocolate monster will have to eat almost 4,000 calories in an unconventional way to start the day.

Olly Taylor’s wonderful creation consists of two types of cereal in half an Easter egg with brownies, mini eggs, marshmalllows, creme eggs, topped off with three types of flavoured milk.

We’ve been waiting our whole lives for a breakfast like this.

The 27-year-old says nobody has been able to finish his creation, which he invented to celebrate the chocolatey greed of Easter:

“Easter is less about what is used to mean, and now on Easter Sunday people try and go through as many chocolate eggs as they can, so this is another challenge for them,” he said.

“No-one has managed to finish it yet but we’ll be running it until the end of the Bank Holiday to see if anyone can.”

Olly, the world needs more gluttonous innovators like you: We salute you.

Image: Black Milk Cafe/Instagram