Brace yourselves... COFFEE Coca-Cola is on the way 4 years ago

Brace yourselves... COFFEE Coca-Cola is on the way

Game changer.

We love to test out interesting new tastes and exciting new favours here at JOE, and we applaud any new twists of old classics. Sometimes they work and something they don't, but we're first in the queue to act as willing guinea pigs


Coffee Coca-Cola is the latest new flavour to hit the shelves, and we won't deny we're slightly intrigued.

New @cocacolaau flavour ? No added sugar with a shot of Brazilian coffee for your daily fix ?? So yum! ??❤

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A spokeswoman for Coca-Cola said: "We think it will be a great-tasting afternoon pick-me-up - like a delicious antidote to the 3pm slump."

And the description of the taste sounds delightful too, with "a dash of real coffee from Brazil" and "subtle caramel undertones." Mmm...


However, you'll be sad to hear that for the moment it's only arriving in Australia. It debuted in Japan at the beginning of this month, and now it's making it's way to Oz.

It'll only be available in the country for a limited time, but as with all brands, if it performs well over there, it'll be rolled out worldwide.

Here's hoping that we can one day try Coffee Coca-Cola!

Feature image: @katuktucollective Instagram