Argos are selling a full body-length hot water bottle because why not 1 year ago

Argos are selling a full body-length hot water bottle because why not

Hot water bottles are class, but where do you put one?

Of all the things we hold dear to us, our beloved hot water bottles are fairly high up the list at this time of year.

We can't go to bed without one at the moment but we can never quite figure out where in the bed to have it.

Do you roll it around awkwardly between your feet? Do you cling on to it with two arms and risk your toes being cold? Do you fill up a few and space them out around you?

We're not ashamed to say that we head to the kettle every night before bed with at least two to three hot water bottles tucked under our arms in a bid to keep us warm - but no longer.

A body-length hot water bottle exists and we badly want one.

The Body Bottle measures 75 cm and comes with a snuggly fleece cover.

It can be brought into bed with you or can be worn around you, thanks to the handy ties at either end.

It promises to stay warm for up to six hours after being filled and the reviews are glowing, to say the least.

"Fabric is so soft and feels very comforting. Easy to fill and slides in and out of fabric cover easily so the outer covering doesn’t get wet. Really pleased with purchase."

"I was told about this from a friend and it is advertised more as therapy or for strapping to yourself and carrying it around, but it is excellent in bed especially if one person gets cold and the other does not!"

"Bought this for my nan who has back problems and was using a standard hot water bottle tied to her back with her dressing gown. Perfect mobile hot water bottle - She loves it."