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22nd Feb 2018

Bill Gates has a trampoline room in his house which proves that he truly does have it all

How many Gates would Bill Gates bill if Bill Gates could bill gates?


Is there anything money can’t buy? Literally no.

Bill Gates was on The Ellen Show and honestly nothing he said matters aside from the information that he has a legitimate trampoline room in his house.

Ellen asked him whether he had made any extravagant purchases (with his net worth of $91.5 billion), to which he responded that he’d been fairly conservative, just casually buying a Porsche, aeroplane and getting a trampoline room installed in his house. You know, pocket change stuff.

The revelation that Bill Gates has got a trampoline room in his house is huge.

Up to now, he seemed like a bit of a (stinking rich) geek. But now that we know Bill Gates has been having a cheeky bounce inside the house, he might have just turned into the coolest man alive? Tbf, it takes a very cool customer to pull off a salmon coloured jumper.

Bill told Ellen that the room was mostly for his kids, but that came across about as genuine as a hungover parent taking their child for a Happy Meal so they can stuff seven cheeseburgers in their gob to sate the relentless appetite for shite food.

I can’t help but have a few questions about Bill Gates’ trampoline room, if you’ll indulge me:

  1. Is it wall-to-wall trampoline material or is there just one singular trampoline in the middle of the room?
  2. Are shoes allowed on the trampoline?
  3. Can Bill Gates do a backflip?
  4. Is there a basketball net so Bill Gates can do fake slam dunks?
  5. Will Bill gates lend me enough money so that I can move out of my parents’ house before I’m 30?
  6. How many gates would Bill Gates bill if Bill Gates could bill gates?

Bill Gates, if you’re reading this, I’d appreciate some answers at your nearest availability.

Some people measure their success by happiness, financial stability or even by a Buzzfeed quiz that tells you which character from The Good Place you are.

I measure it by how close I am to having a house with a room dedicated to fulfilling a childhood fantasy.

Ergo, Bill Gates is incredibly successful. Well done Bill Gates.



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