Beloved TikTok star and Capuchin Monkey George has passed away 1 year ago

Beloved TikTok star and Capuchin Monkey George has passed away

RIP George, the Capuchin monkey who became a superstar

TikTok is full of bizarre trends, catchy dances, and thirst-traps that have the globe hooked. But, a fluffy little rascal called George won the hearts of millions through his content. George the Capuchin, a service animal, turned superstar, has sadly passed away.


George rose to fame on TikTok, most notably from opening packages that fans sent him. From trampolines to snacks to teddy bears, George loved every one of his presents.

HITC reports that George, a black-capped capuchin, was originally a service animal who helped an elderly lady with a nerve disorder. Having lived with the ladies son for over a decade, he has become an icon on TikTok.


The couple took to TikTok to announce the passing of the Capuchin. Here's what they had to say:

“We have some devastating news. George went to the vet for a regular check up on his teeth. During, there were complications with the anesthesia, starting a long fight for his life,” they said.


“Through the fight, George was sent thousands of thoughts and prayers with the hope that he would make it,” they continued before revealing that George passed on June 7.

“George was a light when things seemed dark. And he was a reminder of the love that exists in all of us. Though the fun-loving life of George has left, his spirit of hope and love lives on. We love you, George❤️.”

RIP George <3