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11th Mar 2018

Being aged 31 is officially the most expensive year of your life – here’s why

Wil Jones

Do you always seem to have absolutely no money?

Well, if you are 31 one years old, it’s ok, because according to some new research that is officially the most expensive twelve months of your existence.

If you are younger or older than that, maybe you are just bad with money tbh.

The survey by credit check company ClearScore suggests the reason for this is that 31 is the age when the most of the big, life-defining – and pricey – events happen. It’s the age when your expenses go from pints and takeaways to deposits and childcare.

Out of the 3000 people surveyed, the number one big expense of your thirty-second year on earth was getting married – with 27 per cent of those asked stating nuptials hit them the hardest. Next up was buying a house (according to 25 per cent of those asked), having children (25 per cent), and paying for a honeymoon (14 per cent).

And the research suggests you need to put aside as much as £43,000 to cover those things. Yikes.

If you are 31 and dealing with these, we hope it makes you feel better about your lack of cash. If you are 31, still live with your parents, spent most of your cash on Deliveroo and FIFA packs, and still never have any money – well, sorry.