This man has a beer pipe that runs to his kitchen sink 5 years ago

This man has a beer pipe that runs to his kitchen sink

It sounds like a thing of fantasy, but it's the real deal.

A man in Russia has become the first person in the world to have a freshly brewed beer pipeline that runs directly to his kitchen sink.


Self-confessed daydreamer Andrey Yeremeev, from Chelyabinsk, was half joking when he wrote to the CEO of the well-known the tap beer supplier under his flat asking for his very own beer pipe.

The company obviously liked the cut of his jib, as after some consideration they gave it the green light.

Connected to the keg that supplies his beer are flexible hosepipes that are conjoined with the wall, and it's only a 10 metre distance to his flat. The beer even has its own special cooling system. It definitely beats the warm pack of Fosters sitting in the corner of your bedroom.

Andrey has kept quiet about how much the instillation cost him altogether, but he's essentially got unlimited access to glorious beer straight from the keg. You can't put a price on that.

Who needs the pub?


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