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11th Jul 2024

Beach described as ‘slice of Caribbean’ only £14 flight from UK

Nina McLaughlin

Catch yourself a bit of sun

With summer appearing to be a bit of a flop, it’s safe to say lots of us are looking for a sunny getaway.

Thankfully, airlines have come to the rescue and are offering flights for as little as £14 to whisk us away from the freezing weather.

One spot where sun seekers are known to flock to is Tenerife, which Skyscanner says you can fly to for less than the cost of a round come September.

The Spanish territory, which is located in the Canary Islands, reaches highs of 27 degrees in autumn, and enjoys seven hours of sun every day.

One spot in particular on the island has caught attention lately.

Las Teresitas beach is located on the north of the island near Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and is blooming beautiful.

Looking like something straight out of the Caribbean, the beach is rather special for the island. it features white sand rather than the black sand which is more common on the volcanic isle.

This is because it features white sand was imported from the Sahara back in the 1970 rather than the black sand which is more common on the volcanic isle.

One reviewer on Trip Advisor wrote of the location: “Beautiful beach in Tenerife, just north of Santa Cruz. Its location, away from the main tourist towns of the south, means that it tends to be a little quieter during the week – though it gets very busy at weekends as local Tenerifians make the most of this picturesque beach that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean.”

A second said: “Beautiful beach! We had a great day and we compared it to a Caribbean beach.” 

While a third put: “An unexpected incredible beach at the end of the road, with palm trees, beach restaurants and a Caribbean feeling all over. Great place for beach lovers!”