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21st Dec 2023

Baby Guinness drinkers issued warning over festive season

Ryan Grace

This is a public service announcement for all Baby Guinness and Baileys drinkers…

Whether it’s an Irish coffee, a cool Baileys with ice, or a shot of Baby Guinness at the bar, cream liqueur is always a favourite this time of year.

Baby Guinness in particular has grown to become a festive favourite in recent years.

What was once a novelty on St Patrick’s Day has now become an essential Christmas tradition for many in the UK and Ireland.

It shouldn’t really surprise us considering a bottle of Baileys is never too far away over the Holidays, and a little coffee liqueur is all that’s required to replicate this adorable mini pint.

However, there is one particular problem drinkers of Baileys and Baby Guinness keep encountering…

Baileys and Baby Guinness enjoyers beware!

Safe to say some people’s eyes are bigger than their bellies over the festive period.

Cheese boards are left half eaten, dozens of chocolates are forced upon unexpecting visitors.

And alcohol is no different.

Once you’re in the cold, harsh light of January, the Baileys is banished until next Christmas and shots are certainly off the cards.

It often becomes an awkward bottle shoved from side to side in the fridge over the coming months.

So, many people opt for the most obvious solution and simply throw it away… this can cause some pretty serious issues!

Be careful with your Baby Guinness removal technique…

As a general rule, Baileys tends to last about two years even after it’s been opened.

However most people would tell you to polish it off within about six months if at all possible.

Throwing it away is another matter entirely.

The drink contains dairy cream, which goes bad over time, and can wreak havoc with your kitchen pipes should you choose to pour it down the drain.

Dairy cream contains a lot of fat, which is one of the holy trinity (fat, grease, and oil) which can end up clogging your pipes up and ruining your Christmas spirit.

So, for all you Baby Guinness enjoyers out there, a word of advice; pour any leftover in a container and simply pop it in the bin!