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04th Apr 2017

Boozing Australian man learns why you shouldn’t heckle a policeman when he’s busy

He had it coming

Conor Heneghan

He can’t say he didn’t have it coming.

Heckling anyone during the course of a TV interview is just bad manners; heckling a police officer in uniform during the course of a TV interview is just plain stupid.

Yet it was exactly what one beer-swilling Aussie guy did while a senior police officer spoke to the press in the town of Albury in New South Wales earlier this week, a senior police officer who wasn’t about to let the heckler off lightly.

With the cameras catching the entire scene (after the cameraman moved a few of his colleagues out of the way), the police officer accosted the heckler and escorted him into the police station like a mother might do with a child acting the brat.

For a grown man (we’re talking about the heckler here, of course), it was all a little embarrassing.

Careful who you call bullshit on in future, mate.