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25th Aug 2015

Asia’s richest person lost a s**tload of money in the Chinese stock crash

Kevin Beirne

We’ve all woken up with a heavy hangover and an empty wallet after a night that cost a little more than we expected.

As you finally convince yourself to check your bank account, you come to terms with the fact that you’re not going have any money for a very long time.

But what was the most you ever spent? A few hundred pounds? Well, for billionaire Wang Jianlin the stakes were considerably higher after the Chinese stock market crashed.

In just one day, Jianlin saw the value of his stocks fall by a ridiculous $3.6bn. That’s $3,600,000,000. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bill Gates was the next biggest loser as he saw his wealth fall by $3.2bn.


But don’t feel too sorry for Jianlin just yet – Bloomberg estimate that his wealth still sits around the $31.2bn mark.