ASDA boldly decide to stock ketchup in the fridge 4 years ago

ASDA boldly decide to stock ketchup in the fridge

The fridge or the cupboard? Where does ketchup truly belong?

It's a debate that's older than God's dog.


Although many of us have long since agreed to disagree on the matter, new life was breathed into the argument a couple of weeks ago when one Twitter user put it to an online vote.

With a 77% majority indicating they preferred fridge-chilled ketchup, the results appeared conclusive.

Not conclusive enough, however, for ASDA, who have decided to conduct their own independent study on this very important matter. Their own poll reached a similar conclusion, although as reported by the Metro those voting in favour of fridge ketchup only took up a slender 53% of votes.

In light of the findings, the supermarket have gone one stage further and decided to stock ketchup in fridges in nearly all of their nationwide stores. Clearly mindful that 47% of people prefer cupboard-temperature ketchup, ASDA's Clapham store will be stocking some on its shelves and some in its fridges in a bid to further explore the nation's true ketchupy preferences.


Even after all of this, it seems the great ketchup debate is set to continue to rage for a few more millennia.