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11th Feb 2016

Are PlayStation bringing back the legendary Crash Bandicoot?


Back in the late nineties, Crash Bandicoot was most recognisable character of the original Playstation series.

While many might have presumed that the tornado-spinning, anthropomorphic Bandicoot was a thing of the past, a tweet from one of Sony Entertainment’s official Twitter accounts has prompted some to speculate he could be set for a revival.

PlayStation’s Middle East account recently posted an image of Crash, accompanied by a message reading ‘Most Wanted: Where Are You Crash?’ written in Arabic.

Almost instantly, people were beginning to speculate that this was a hint at a return for the much-loved character.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any further updates since the tweet appeared, meaning the wait goes on for further news.

While we wait, here’s a reminder of how fantastic the original versions of the game were…