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10th Aug 2017

Archer pulls off the impossible and nails two swinging bottles with a single arrow

This guy has got some serious skills

Rich Cooper

Besides the Olympics and The Hunger Games, archery has something of a low profile compared to other sports.

True, to play football all you need is a football; to practice archery you need a bow, arrows, a target, safety equipment, a space where you can practice without fear of killing someone. It’s a bit more involved; a bit more of an operation.

However, like all sports, there is nothing that is so universally admired as a top-notch trick shot, and that’s exactly what a young man named Josh Thompson has brought to the table.

In a short video posted to his YouTube channel, Josh (or who we assume is Josh), sets two bottles swinging from pendulums, then paces back, lifts up his bow and shoots.

We don’t know how, but the expert archer nails both bottles with a single arrow. It’s really quite staggering, both in terms of the microscopic levels of accuracy involved, and in the number of times it must have taken him to pull it off.

Check out Josh’s skills below.