Apple rumoured to be planning a gigantic 5.8-inch iPhone 6 years ago

Apple rumoured to be planning a gigantic 5.8-inch iPhone

After years of insisting that nobody wanted a big phone, Apple now seem committed to engineering an iPhone so large we'll have to bring manbags back to store them.

If the rumour mill is to be believed, the tech giant is planning on releasing an iPhone with a 5.8-inch screen. Their current phablet offering, the iPhone 6S Plus, boasts a 5.5- inch display, which is pretty big in itself.


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According to The Motley Fool, who cite a report in Tawianese print publication DigiTimes, Apple may launch the monster phone as early as next year, and could replace their current LCD screens with the brighter and less power-hungry AMOLED technology found in the Samsung Galaxy range. Like the iPhone 6S Plus, the imminent Galaxy S7 Edge sticks with the 5.5-inch screen size.

The publication also claims Apple will ship 50 million of the 5.8-inch handsets in the first year of retail, whenever that may be.


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