And the winner of the Chocolate World Cup is... 5 years ago

And the winner of the Chocolate World Cup is...

The humble Dairy Milk has been crowned the winner of the World Cup of Chocolate 2016.

The unique competition, created by TV personality Richard Osman, was held on Twitter via a series of polls and saw 32 chocolates battling it out.


The 32 competitors were Mars, Kinder Bueno, Snickers, Dairy Milk, Twix, Malteasers, Galaxy, Flake, Topic, Picnic, Boost, Chocolate Orange Bar, Rolo, Kit Kat, Kit Kat Chunky, Toffee Crisp, Wispa, Toblerone, Crunchie, Creme Egg, Minstrels, Caramel, Twirl, Yorkie, Milky Way, Star Bar, Aero, Dime, Freddo, Malteasers Bar, Bounty and Marvelous Creations.

Starting with eight groups of four, two qualifiers from each group were picked to proceed to the quarter-finals. They then began the knockout stages with four chocolates making it into the semi-finals.

The four semi-finalists were Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Malteasers and Twirl.


Finally, it was a straight battle between Malteasers and Dairy Milk, with over 70,000 casting their votes to crown the champion.

But in the end, there could only be one winner and the Dairy Milk came up trumps, somehow receiving more votes than Malteasers despite being literally the most boring chocolate bar on the face of the earth.


In total, the competition garnered over one million votes and some betting sites even got in on the action.

And fair play to the Dairy Milk, it came good as a 11/1 outsider for the title.



Osman has promised to run a similar competition to find Twitter's favourite crisps around Easter time.