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20th Aug 2015

An injection to cure obesity could be on its way


Researchers at Harvard and MIT are looking at a new way of preventing, and perhaps even curing, obesity.

Obesity is often seen as the result of an imbalance between diet and exercise, an inevitable result of failing to work out after eating too much.

But studies show that this view largely ignores the genetic component of obesity, and that our metabolisms can be manipulated into burning fat cells quicker.


The researchers have discovered an ‘obesity gene’ which stifles a process known as thermogenesis, whereby fat cells are burned up as heat.

It seems as thought this obesity gene can be edited and defeated by a ground-breaking technique which would remove the problematic DNA coding, and substitute it with a better DNA sequence that would burn fat more efficiently.

This news could be revolutionary if such an injection comes to be developed. Now if these researchers would kindly hurry up so I could order this pizza…


Better make that two injections.