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09th Apr 2015

An autistic 11-year-old boy drew this world map from memory

This is an amazing feat of memory...


We’d struggle to draw a map of the JOE office from memory, let alone the entire world.

An autistic 11-year-old boy walked into a classroom and drew an amazingly accurate world map from memory.

The youngster from New York drew the map – complete with borders between countries and tiny coastal islands – standing on a chair at times to complete his masterwork.


Reddit user Bobitis, who posted the images online says:

“He is the son of one of my daughter’s professors. He came into the classroom today and did this.

“I was amazed…especially as a father of a child with similar attributes.”

No-one fully understands why some people with autistic disorders are capable of incredible feats of memory like this.

Images: Bobitis/Reddit