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23rd Jul 2017

Aldi’s £12.99 slip ‘n’ slide is meant for kids, but you should totally get one

Because why shouldn't you get to have fun this summer?

Alright, the weather hasn’t been the best in Britain right now.

It’s been less about drinking in the park and having barbecues in the back garden than hiding indoors and legging it from building to building trying to avoid a soaking.

But the school holidays have only just begun, meaning we’ve got at least another six weeks of summer, and in what must be a total coincidence, Aldi have released a range of outdoor activities for kids.

There’s various inflatable balls, some mini-paddling pools, kites, giant Snakes and Ladders – you get the kind of thing.

But one item stands out as being particularly awesome: a slip ‘n’ slide.

Now yes, this is intended for children, but why should children have all the fun?

It costs £12.99, and at that price you could buy two, stick them together and make an extra long waterslide. You could also buy a length of tarp and a hose and create something similar, but hey, that’s up to you.

Aldi also has a jumbo paddling pool on sale for £9.99. If your idea of a good summer is sitting in a pool of water, drinking beer and falling asleep, then you might be interested in this. Imagine a combination of the two, though.

Let’s just hope the sun comes back.

Please come back.