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18th Jul 2018

Aldi is selling a massive paddling pool for less than £30

An absolute bargain of a deal

Reuben Pinder

They’re selling like hot cakes

You might have noticed, but in case you haven’t, we’re having quite a hot summer. For weeks, we have put up with the heat, bought cheap fans, and sweated through our clothes during rush hour under the assumption that it will end soon. But will it? It now feels like it will never end and this is just our climate now.

We better get prepared then, I suppose. First on the list has to be to get a paddling pool to cool off in after a long, hard day’s work.

Yes, you guessed correctly – there’s a huge one going cheap at Aldi. The supermarket are selling a 10ft Intex Quick Set Up pool for a very reasonable price of £30. Some might see that as a bit pricey for a paddling pool, but its recommended retail price is £69.99. So, it seems like a worthwhile investment as well as being an absolute bargain, given the weeks and weeks and weeks of heat that we have ahead of us.

It’s already available in stores and on Aldi’s website, so you probably ought to grab one now before they sell out, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t, instead of stepping into your lovely paddling pool with an ice cold beer.