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26th Oct 2015

A whole town in Canada celebrated Christmas two months early for one little boy

Amazing stuff...


If you’re one of those people that moans when people start talking about Christmas in October, then this story will melt your icy Bah-Humbug heart.

An entire town in Ontario celebrated the Christmas a whole two months early.

But unlike those annoying festive hamper adverts aimed to squeeze every last penny out of you nine months before the big day, the townsfolk of St George had an amazing reason to be getting Christmassy so soon.

The whole town came together to make Christmas come early for one little boy who is terminally ill.

Evan Leversage was diagnosed with brain cancer five years ago when he was just two years old and he has been receiving treatment ever since.

Sadly, his family were recently told his tumour had grown and that there is no guarantee he will live to celebrate Christmas.

When Evan’s mum, Nicole Wellwood, asked her family to celebrate the holidays early, she had no idea how far the idea would spread.

Evan 1

Soon the whole town had come together, putting up Christmas lights all over the town and even organising a Christmas parade, complete with floats and a Santa Claus.

Nicole told CBC: “It’s pretty crazy. A lot of people have really went above and beyond.”


“You look out our front window, the entire street is lit up.

“Everywhere you look it’s Christmas. It’s more than I could have imagined.”

Evan 2

This story truly demonstrates the power of people.