A new dating site just for Kanye West fans is set to launch 4 years ago

A new dating site just for Kanye West fans is set to launch

You get a swipe, you get a swipe, super like for you, wooooooo

Nobody has time to date, do they. That's where speed dating came from. The British are too awkward for speed dating though, aren't they? That's where Tinder came from. It's too hard to find people with interests in common on Tinder, isn't it? Enter: Yeezy Dating.


Obviously, this won't help everyone, but if you are a Kanye stan, it could be a huge step in your quest for love. Yeezy Dating is a new app, set to launch this March, is exactly what it sounds like: a dating app exclusively for Kanye fans. The creators have even said Taylor Swift fans are not welcome.

You can sign up for early access by entering your email address here.

Single Kanye fans, your time is now. This app could be your chance to find love, or just make some Real Friends, even form a Clique. And if you play your cards right, you could be living the Good Life. Just make sure to avoid the Gold Diggers.


There is no official release date yet, but the website have an Instagram page that you can follow for the latest updates on when it will launch.