This Scottish McDonald's worker's Facebook post slamming people who judge him has gone viral 5 years ago

This Scottish McDonald's worker's Facebook post slamming people who judge him has gone viral

They spend countless days and nights valiantly serving us hangover-killing Big Macs, but that doesn't stop a lot of people from passing harsh judgment on those who work at McDonald's.

At least, that's what Mike Waite reckons, and it's fair to say he's had enough of it.


Mike works long hours at a McDonald's branch in Edinburgh, which is helping him save for a university degree. He works with people from all manner of backgrounds; chip-frying comrades who all have a story to tell.

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As far as Mike's concerned, people don't see that - an opinion that he addressed in a passionate Facebook post. It begins:

"Today I have had enough of the judgemental criticism. Let me be clear. YES I work at Mcdonalds and do it nearly 50 hours a week.

"Why? Not because I have no aspiration, motivation or intelligence...but for the opposite...because in a few months time like a great number of people I work with I will be going back into higher education.

"McDonalds has this reputation which is quite unfounded in the recent age, every person I work with has a story and every person is working their ass off in what can be a very tough job for their own it they are in school, uni, have family, have kids, saving...etc."

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He then goes on to praise the company for allowing its employees to rise up the ranks (something he eventually intends to do himself) and the flexibility they offer. He continues:


"The one thing McDonalds is is a job which is extremely (extremely) flexible, has opportunities for growth and can allow you to do what you want to do. There are people becoming pilots, lawyers, designers, architects, and people who are at a point in their life that they will do whatever it takes to look after their family.

"I work with people I would aspire to be like, who have strengths in areas I wish I had, who have overcome situations I never could and who have the determination to not fade away on handouts but rather step up and work for their living unlike a huge number of people in this country.

"In the past I have known and worked with very rich folks in very high end jobs, and a few of them could never match the resilience and work ethic of some of the current lads/lassies.

"After the ending of a big part of my life McD's is not only letting me save up for University, but setting me up with flexible work I can continue over the next years to come."

He explains that, like in any job, there are downsides (low pay being one of them) and sh*t days, some even bringing him close to a mid-shift walkout. But overall he's proud to have Maccies on his CV and believes the people he works with have made him a better person. Have a look at the post in full.

Well said, Mike, you McFlurry-making hero.

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