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11th Apr 2016

A guy lost a bag full of cake on a Tube train, then a total stranger came to the rescue

Isn't that just sweet...

Declan Cashin

Sometimes the world isn’t such an awful place.

When Londoner Ian K. Ellard wrote this on Twitter earlier today…

…little were we to know that we would get the most heartwarming, “Wow, people really can be bang-on sometimes” story of the day.

Ian continued:


Nightmare. It goes on…


What would you do in that scenario? Keep it? Start eating then and there? Abandon it??



So Ian decided on a course of action…


Wait for it…



Ian collated his multi-tweet story into an easy-to-read Storify post.

He finished the story with:

This sound man does deserve a cake! If you’re reading this mystery man, we’d love to have you and Ian over to the JOE offices for some cake and a chat. It’s on us, for making us smile on a grey Monday.


What’s your funniest/sweetest public transport story? Do you have a corker of a Good Samaritan tale to share? Email us: or message us on our Facebook page.