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20th Feb 2017

A city in New Zealand is providing all-expenses paid trips to travel there for new jobs

Best of luck!

Paul Moore

Fancy a new start in the land of the long white cloud? You might not get a more attractive opportunity than this.

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand and the second largest city in the country, is inviting 100 professionals from the tech industry to avail of an all-expenses paid trip to travel to take part in pre-arranged job interviews with business people in the city.

As part of the world-first LookSee Wellington initiative, 100 lucky candidates from all over the world will have their flights and accommodation paid for in an effort to attract top talent from the tech industry to live and work in the city.

Wellington is looking for businesses and candidates to take part in the initiative and after candidates have applied, they will be pre-screened by potential employers, who will then nominate candidates for a LookSee Wellington place.

Based on the number of nominations received, the top 100 candidates will be offered a LookSee place and provided with an all-expenses paid trip to Wellington in May to meet employers for interviews and, potentially, be offered a job.

If you’re in the tech industry and fancy a new start in a beautiful country at the opposite end of the planet, then you can apply for one of the 100 positions here.

Best of luck!