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21st Nov 2015

A boy who donated his piggy bank to a vandalised mosque got a lovely thank you

A reminder to be kind

Carl Kinsella

A truly heart-warming story.

When young Jack Swanson, a seven-year old Texan, heard about the damage that had been done to his local mosque in the wake of last week’s Paris attacks, he wanted to help out.

Being only seven, his options were fairly limited. Nevertheless, Jack did what he could and donated the twenty dollars in his piggy bank to help restore the place of worship.

The good Samaritan was rewarded for his generosity as the Muslim community of America performed their own wonderful act of kindness.

Jack received this message:

“Dear Jack…You had saved $20 in your piggybank for an Apple iPad…But then a local Islamic mosque was vandalized…So you donated your $20 to this local Texas mosque instead…Because of your amazing generosity & kind heart…Please enjoy this Apple iPad with our sincere thanks…Love…The American Muslim Community”

ipad jack swanson

Aw bless.