42% of couples say the spark has gone from their relationship 3 months ago

42% of couples say the spark has gone from their relationship

Could the spark be with the unclean dishes?

For 42 per cent of British couples, the spark has gone from their relationship, a survey has revealed.


Censuswide quizzed  2,043 couples in long-term relationships, on behalf of Sainsbury's to see if Brits were still getting it on.

A third said they were in a "rut" while 42 per cent said the spark had gone out completely.

Over 50 per cent of couples questioned believe that falling into boring routines was the problem, while 47 per cent said the last few years have had a disastrous effect on their love life. Between the covid pandemic and the cost of living crisis, there's been plenty of bad news to distract Brits from getting intimate.


Navigating relationships, especially long-term ones, can be complicated at times, as evidenced by Will Smith's explosion at the Oscars on Sunday, 


More than a third of those surveyed, (33 per cent) don't believe they spend quality time with their partner, and 23 per cent say this has decreased since last year. Of course, the previous year we were all locked down at home.

An area of particular tension seems to be the kitchen, with 44 per cent claiming to argue while cooking together. If you seem to do all the cooking, then you could be part of the 29 per cent moaning that their partner never cooks for them.


The research found that food is a highly contentious topic in British households. Valentine's day may have already passed, but data shows that cooking a meal is actually more considerate than flashy gifts.


In response to the survey, Sainsbury's is launching joint cooking and couple counselling sessions headed by  Celebs go Dating expert Anna Williamson.

"Couples are really feeling the strain at the moment, with the stresses of modern-day life taking a toll on relationships," she said.


"As couples try to navigate modern life as a team, it's interesting to see how cooking is causing riffs, but also has the potential to help bring people back together."

d The sessions are headed by Celebs go Dating expert Anna Williamson

For £5, couples will receive counselling alongside a meal kit from the supermarket's new Inspired to Cook range on April 7.

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