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04th Nov 2018

This town is using ‘silent’ fireworks in order not to scare dogs

Wil Jones

A good move for good boys

arf arf I luv you hoomans by why. every november do you. decide you shoot big explosion in sky. in park where i chase squirrel and footballs

Thunder. is bad enough. but why you need to make more big bangs in sky. i bark and bark and bark but loud noises do not. go away. then i whimper and run around in circle then hid under bed. and wait for it to go away.

*scratches self* sorry. had itch

Good hoomans in town of Collechio. in italy. have decided to be good to their animal frens.

in 2015 they ban fireworks which make. big noise. so not to scare animals. and hoomans who get stressed by bangs.

now they work with. italian company Setti Fireworks. to make fireworks which still beautiful. but dont make bangs.

these fireworks. are not truly silent. they do not have large aerial explosion and. therefor cannot entertain very big crowds. they use things. ‘comet trails’ the light up sky, but do not go bang. you will have probably see them. Before.

*big yawn*

but still. this is still good move for dogs like me. and you hoomans.

now i can get back to normal busy evening. of concentrating old bit of food that is under fridge. and following football. across to tv screen. back and forth.

 but even if you dont live in Collechio. in italy.we can get throo. fireworks together. i luv yoo.

Editor’s note: Thanks to our four-legged guest columnist for contributing to this story.

With apologies to Thoughts of Dog.