17 things the North does far better than London 4 years ago

17 things the North does far better than London

1. Beer

Image: Twitter: @RuaPuca

Sure, London has a lot of breweries which make great beer, but that great beer costs a fiver a pint and still is no better than the stuff you can get for two quid up North.



2. Houses

Image: Rightmove / The Telegraph

You can buy a house up North for less than £100,000 without much trouble at all. In London that might not even get you a parking space. If you want some stats, the average house price in the North East at the moment is £129,750. In London it's £484,716.



3. Pies

Image: Twitter: @SMRA07

There can't be any argument here, everyone knows the North is the home of pies. If you order a pie in London there's a 50% chance it'll turn up deconstructed.


4. Scenery

Image: Charlie Marshall / Flickr

The Yorkshire Dales, the Pennines, the Lake District, Northumberland National Park, we could keep going...


5. Being friendly

Image: Tumblr

People thank the bus driver! They say hello when you walk into a shop! They stop to let you cross the road!


6. Slang

Image: finedininglovers.com

Cockney rhyming slang is great but it's not used anywhere near as much these day. Up North however, if someone calls you "love" they're being friendly not creepy, they have great terms of affection like "duck" and "pet", and there are about 1,500 words for bread roll.


7. Gravy

Image: Twitter: @Carolynburcho

"Ooh, northern boys love gravy". Seriously though, chips and gravy is the best drunk food in existence.


8. Dealing with the weather

Image: Twitter: @darrenturner66

When there's more than about an inch of snow in London the whole city just stops and panics until it melts again. Up north, people just get on with it, no bother. Northerners are generally just hardier when it comes to dealing with the cold and the rain too.


9. Nights out

Image: ITV

You can have a proper good night out up North for £20, in London that might not even get you into the club. Also, northerners know that no matter how cold it is, there's no need for a jacket on a night out. That quid you'd spend in the cloakroom is an extra drink.


10. Tea

Image: Twitter: @PrescottBeth

Take a trip up the M1 if you're in need of a proper brew.


11. Fish and chips

Image: Twitter: @_LisasLife_

London's home to a lot of those fancy-looking, upmarket fish and chip shops, but nothing can beat a proper northern chippy in a seaside town eaten out of newspaper while looking out over the beach.


12. Wildlife

Image: Twitter / Wikipedia

This terrapin surfing on a dead fox is the absolute peak of London wildlife. The North has puffins and otters!


13. Music

Image: thebeatleslegends.weebly.com

Think about the best British bands of all time – bands like The Beatles, Oasis, even Arctic Monkeys. What do they all have in common?


14. Accents

Image: HBO

London has like, two accents. Up North you can get about six different ones in just one county. They're also all so much friendlier.


15. The seaside

Image: Paul Arthur / Flickr

I've spent loads of time in London and I've not even seen the sea once.


16. Greggs

Image: Twitter: @GrowingUpInNCL

London has Greggs, but does it have two Greggs two doors down from each other? No, no it does not.


17. Pride

Image: HBO

There are a lot of proud Londoners, but they aren't proud like Yorkshiremen are proud, or Lancastrians, or Geordies...