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23rd Mar 2020

As their country suffers, Italian shop workers continue to put themselves in the line of fire


The COVID-19 outbreak has already produced a number of heroes

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen the best and worst of humanity emerge in response. The worse has come in the form of politicians scoring political points rather than fix the issue at hand and, in America at least, some even profiting off the disaster by selling stocks before news of the pandemic broke in earnest.

But we have seen good too. In our nurses, doctors and other emergency services we have seen that there are people in this world who just want to help, and will put themselves in harm’s way in their bid to do so.

Though not considered key workers in some countries, shop workers have played one of the biggest roles during this crisis in ensuring that life continues in a similar way to before, or at the very least, that food remains on our tables.

One such worker, Yassin, lives in Milan. While Italy remains in lockdown he continues to go to work so people can pick up essential supplies. He took us through his commute and explained what life is like under lockdown.