Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has been revealed, and David Beckham is involved 3 years ago

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has been revealed, and David Beckham is involved

Cats and Dogs. Marvel and DC. Coke and Pepsi.

There are some battles that will always be fought. Like FIFA vs PES. Every Autumn, a new version is released to go into battle with its arch rival. Many fans will argue FIFA has had the lead in recent years, but Pro Evolution Soccer still has its hardcore fans.


FIFA recently announced a World Cup 2018 update, but now Konami have revealed all the details of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. Can it truly be the FIFA killer this year that it always claims to be?

Graphically, it looks better than ever. It includes full 4K HDR support, and promises “vastly improved lighting, better shadows, more clarity and a realistic range of colours”.

The MyClub mode has also been overhauled, in the hope of taking on the FIFA Ultimate Team. It will introduce an all new player card system, switching up the way you build up your squad. Fans of opening packets can also look forward to “High Performance Players, including Legend Players, and Players of the Week”.


Another new feature is visible fatigue, so you can see when your striker has burnt himself out and needs to be subbed.

Also, snow is back!


The big reveal though is that the game is going to have a special David Beckham Edition. Anyone who pre-orders the game will get present day, 2018 version of Becks. Ok, he retired in 2018, but we won’t mention that.


As for the cover star? This year it is Barcelona’s Brazilian star Philippe Coutinho.

As has been previously reported, the new edition no longer has the Champions League licence, and it has been rumoured that it is heading to EA Sports. But still, who needs the Champions League when you’ve got Beckham?

Pro Evolution Soccer is out 28th August in US and 30th August in Europe. Can this be the year it regains the lead of FIFA?