People want England banned from the World Cup for 'atrocious fan behaviour' 4 months ago

People want England banned from the World Cup for 'atrocious fan behaviour'

There were disturbing scenes both before and after the match at Wembley.

People are calling on England to be banned from the next two international tournaments as punishment for fan behaviour at the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.


Footage shared online shows some fans breaking into the stadium and jumping over gates to get into the ground before the game, whilst other pictures shared show some fans fighting and attacking Italian supporters as they tried to leave.

The Met Police made 49 arrests during and after the game, with 19 officers injured as a result of the violent behaviour of some fans.

After the heartbreaking shootout defeat that the Three Lions suffered, the social media accounts of Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho were all flooded with racist abuse. It was these three players that missed their spot kicks in the shootout.

Some are now saying that England should be punished for the behaviour of their fans and banned from the next World Cup and Euros as a result.

One user wrote: "I hope England get banned for the World Cup and the next Euros for the fans behaviour tonight absolutely disgusting."

Another said: "Absolutely despicable behaviour. England should not be allowed into the next World Cup and Euros of this is how some of their fans take a loss."


A third wrote: "I expect nothing less than England being banned from the World Cup. And a very very large fine and criminal charges against the racist dogs spewing hate and physically attacking black people."


Another added: "I really hope England gets banned from world cup so these english 'people' can finally shut the fuck up."

The bad fan behaviour at the final followed the FA being fined £26,600 for incidents in the semi final against Denmark. This included fans booing the national anthem and Denmark keeper Kasper Schmeichel having a laser pen shone at him as he prepared to face Harry Kane's penalty.