Dani Alves criticises PSG and says his teammates 'don't understand Neymar' 2 years ago

Dani Alves criticises PSG and says his teammates 'don't understand Neymar'

Tell us what you really think Dani

Dani Alves has openly criticised his teammates at Paris Saint-Germain in a startling interview on French radio station RMC during the Team Duga programme hosted by former France international Christophe Dugarry.


In it, the Brazilian fullback suggests that his teammates would be better served listening to him because "he knows how to win" and that Neymar is surrounded by footballers who "don't understand him".

Ruminating on PSG's Champions League exit this season, yet another disappointing run in the competition, Alves said: “I don’t want to big myself up, but I know how to win and I know how to lose. When I say something, it should be followed. And not because I know more than the rest, no, but because I have already gone through it."

"Perhaps you should listen to someone who has already gone through this and base yourself in their experience. I have already won everything and I am talking about what I have experienced and learned," he added.

And as for his Brazilian teammate and close friend Neymar, he believes the rest of the squad in the French capital simply don't understand the temperamental forward, explaining: “He is surrounded by other players who don’t understand him. He is someone that you need to have on the field all of the time because he gives you what you don’t have. You give him the ball and he already knows what to do.”

“Neymar is a footballer that makes people come to the stadium, When I pay for a ticket, I pay to see a show and people want to see a show. If Messi lost a ball, we would run like crazy to win it back for him and then things would happen.”

So there you have it. The most decorated player in modern football has spoken.