Calls grow for England Italy rematch over 'biased' refs 3 months ago

Calls grow for England Italy rematch over 'biased' refs

People seeming to forget how sport works.

Some football fans are calling for a rematch between England and Italy because of the "biased" refereeing.


In case you didn't already know, Italy beat England on penalties in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday night in a tense, nervy, and often scrappy affair at Wembley.

But some fans are now saying that "dirty" play of the Italians and the referee's lack of action over this means that the game should be replayed.

The moment that sticks in the throat for most fans seems to be when Italian captain Giorgio Chiellini grabbed the collar of Bukayo Saka when he appeared to be clear down the line. Some have argued that he deserved a red for his collar grab, which caused Saka to fall to the ground.

Chiellini got a yellow for the action.

Several petitions have now been set up as a result, aimed at the tournament organisers, calling for a rematch to take place.

One of the petitions in question says: "Bukayo Saka was mistreated during the match between England and Italy as he was dragged down by his shirt by Giorgio Chiellini and given a yellow card when it CLEARLY should’ve been a red card. I do strongly believe that the referee was biased and in favour of Italy."


Another argues Chiellini should have been given a red card, and that a rematch should take place with a ‘non-biased referee’.

The problem with these though is that this isn't how sport f*cking works.

Shit happens. Decisions go against you, decisions go for you. Sometimes you get the rub of the green, sometimes you don't.

But it's not some video game where can rage quit and start again. It's not a board game where you can throw a temper tantrum, swipe all the pieces of the board, and demand its played again and again until you win.

It's fine to be devastated, it's fine to be critical of the ref. But how about we lose with a bit of dignity? Suck it up, congratulate the Italians (who were much the better team on the night by the way) and move on with dignity.