Bobby Zamora scores screamer at local 7-a-side 1 year ago

Bobby Zamora scores screamer at local 7-a-side

That's Zamoraaaaa.

Some players never lose it do they, and some never lose their love for the game. This means that, fitness allowing, it's one of life's great joys to see a former pro rock up at a local kickabout.


Who could forget when Brazilian superstar Kaka turned up at a 6-a-side game in London.

It seems that Bobby Zamora has been itching for some footy action as well, as he took part in a local 7-a-side contest. The Mail reports that the 7-a-side was thought to have taken place in Colchester.

And he scored an absolute worldie.


The 40-year-old who played for Brighton, West Ham, and Fulham during a 17-year career and famously scored the late winner for QPR in their 2014 play-off final win against Derby, rolled back the years.

In a clip shared by Rhys Morley on Twitter, who is believed to be the defender in the footage, Zamora is wearing a West Ham shirt, skins poor Rhys, takes it down the line and then absolute thunders a strike past the keeper.

Top. Bins.

In the tweet, Morley said: "Not everyday you get skinned by @RobertZamora25 at your local 7s."


It was a strike that left those watching on the sidelines in awe, before they burst into celebration. Zamora though? Calm as you like, goals like that were his bread and butter.

It sounds like Bobby put his all into the contest as well, as he later tweeted: "Little run out for @AliHamidi team. Stiff as f**k this morning."


All together now - when the ball hits the goal, that's not Shearer or Cole, that's Zamoraaaaaaa....