Arsenal's kit reveal features naked David Seaman and Kieran Tierney with a shopping bag 1 year ago

Arsenal's kit reveal features naked David Seaman and Kieran Tierney with a shopping bag

Even COVID can't stop the kit reveal videos coming

Arsenal have revealed their new away kit for the 2020/21 season, in a video packed with easter eggs and in-jokes.


The white shirt features red streaks across it, in a design that is intended to pay homage to "the famous marble halls of Highbury’s iconic East Stand."

The accompanying video also "celebrates the famous marble halls of Highbury, reflecting on our glorious history while looking forward to a promising future," according to the club's website

"The film begins in the iconic east stand entrance before moving into an alternative marble world. The one-shot sequence tells the story behind the shirt in a visionary way that unites past icons with the present-day heroes taking the club forward."


The film features a single tracking shot through a CGI recreation of Arsenal's former home. Fitting with the classical theme, it is depicted as a museum with Arsenal legends past and present rendered as works of art.

Highlights include a somewhat disturbing statue of former Gunners and England goalkeeper David Seaman, as naked as the day God made him, apart from goalie gloves and his hand over his private parts. It is a reference to Michelangelo's David statue, in case you were wondering.


Another memorable scene is a portrait of Scottish defender Kieran Tierney, painted as a Braveheart-style warrior - but look closer and you'll see he is also carrying a plastic bag, in reference to the time he turned up at Bramall Lane with his essentials in a Tesco bag. It is a great little touch.



Arsenal's tie with Paris Saint-Germain in the Women’s Champions League quarter-final this Saturday will mark the first time the kit is worn.

The kit will be exclusively available through the club's flagship Armoury store, Arsenal Direct, and selected adidas stores exclusively until August 26th.