15 American sandwiches that make British sarnies look pathetic 4 years ago

15 American sandwiches that make British sarnies look pathetic

The state of sandwiches in Britain is a disgrace.

Go into any supermarket and you'll see what we mean. Our standard of sandwich amounts to two slices of dry bread, barely filled with some wilted leaves and suspiciously chewy meat. You deserve a better class of sandwich.


That's why you need to hot foot it over to America. They know what they're doing with sandwiches over there; just take a look at these suckers.

1. Reuben


Photo: Spencer Hooks

What is it? A hot sandwich made from corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing.

Where can you get it? Any good Jewish deli will serve you up a Reuben, but Katz's Deli in New York City is considered to be among the best of the best.


2. Shrimp Po' boy


Photo: @saintlouschi

What is it? Fried shrimp (or other seafood, including oysters, crawfish and crab), typically served with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Where can you get it? The Po' Boy is a Louisiana classic; go out in New Orleans' Metro area at lunchtime and you won't be able to move for Po' Boys.


3. Cuban


Photo: @winediveks

What is it? Ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and Dill pickles, served on Cuban bread.


Where can you get it? If you're down in Florida, head to Miami or Tampa and check out any Cuban restaurant.

4. Pastrami on rye



What is it? Pretty much what the name says: pastrami on rye bread, but loads of it.

Where can you get it? Another Jewish deli classic, another sandwich to chow down on while you're in NYC.

5. Dagwood


Photo: @Chef_JMonfaredi

What is it? A huge, stacked sandwich consisting of layers of bread, meat, cheese, salad, condiments - whatever the chef decides.

Where can you get it? Penn Station sandwich shops have a good reputation for Dagwood sandwiches; you can visit them across the South and Midwest. There's also a chain called Dagwood's Sandwiches which specialise in, well, can you guess?

6. Philly cheesesteak


Photo: Phil Denton

What is it? The basic combo is beef, onions and cheese in a long roll. The cheese is typically either provolone or Cheez Whiz.

Where can you get it? Philadelphia, obviously. The two big restaurants are Gino's and Pat's, but anyone who's actually from Philly will tell you not to bother with them. Try Tony Luke's or Campo's Deli.

7. Polish Boy


Photo: @TheCLE

What is it? A kielbasa sausage in a hot dog bun, layered with french fries, coleslaw and either barbecue or hot sauce.

Where can you get it? The sandwich is native to Cleveland, Ohio, and can be found in pretty much all of the city's soul food restaurants.

8. Muffaletta


Photo: @shanegirls

What is it? A split loaf of muffaletta bread, filled with marinated olive salad, mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham, and provolone cheese.

Where can you get it? Like the Po' Boy, the Muffaletta sandwich is native to New Orleans, Louisiana.

9. French Dip sandwich


Photo: @Twoheys

What is it? A simple roast beef sandwich, served with a beefy dipping sauce made from the cooking juices.

Where can you get it? Two Los Angeles restaurants claim to have invented the French Dip sandwich: Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet and Philippe The Original. At both places, the sandwich comes 'wet', meaning it's already been dipped before serving.

10. Lobster roll


Photo: kowarski

What is it? Lobster meat soaked in butter, served in a hot dog bun.

Where can you get it? Maine, New England is most closely associated with lobster rolls and seafood in general. It's so fresh - right out of the ocean and into the bun.

11. Beef on weck


Photo: @MajesticGrille

What is it? A beef sandwich (duh) served on a special kummelweck roll - a distinctively flavoured bread roll topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds.

Where can you get it? It's hugely popular in Western New York, but you'll struggle to find it in most other spots in America.

12. Jucy Lucy


Photo: Kim

What is it? A beef burger with a molten cheese core.

Where can you get it? Like French Dip sandwich, the origin of the Jucy Lucy is hotly contested. Two bars in Minneapolis claim to have invented it: Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club. One thing is certain: if you go to either, you'll get a damn good sandwich.

13. Luther sandwich


Photo: Arlan Arthur

What is it? The most American thing ever: a hamburger with glazed doughnuts instead of buns.

Where can you get it? The Luther is all over America, but it's particularly prominent at state fairs, so if you're ever lucky enough to attend one, seek it out.

14. Pilgrim


Photo: @powers1021

What is it? A Thanksgiving special - at it's most basic, the sandwich is filled with turkey, cranberry sauce and cheddar cheese.

Where can you get it? Wherever there's turkey, you can get a Pilgrim. And since this is America, there's turkey everywhere.

15. Sloppy joe


Photo: Jessica Rossi

What is it? A hamburger bun filled with minced beef, onions, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce and seasonings.

Where can you get it? It's everywhere, man. You can always get a sloppy joe in America.

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